You don’t have to blame yourself anymore

Andrea Scoretz
4 min readAug 30, 2023


Full Moon in Pisces — August 30 2023, 636 pm, PST

Saturn and moon celestial relationships speak to having what we need withheld. The journey, which tends to be a long one, asks us to write a new story for ourselves — a new script — and to stop expecting something “out there” to provide us with what we need to develop “in here.”

It’s a solo journey to some extent (interdependence, not codependence) to build the brick foundation of self reverence, which has a direct impact on every aspect of our lives.

The work/nurturance story is being tweaked again. How those two work together — even though from a 9–5, daily work life level they often don’t — is on the awareness docket with this full moon.

This is what astrology helps us become aware/highlights the challenges of: integrating polarities that seem all “naw, that can’t happen” into “wow, I did it! That was really hard!”

It’s not easy. But astrology offers guidance.

What we didn’t receive but needed? That’s a loaded scenario. Especially if you were blamed for not being able to embody something you had little to no experience with. Or you were told what you needed had no value.

How’re you gonna be good at anything if you have no experience with it? You might receive some insights into how this kind of inner discombobulation/relationship functions within you, and maybe even witness it manifesting out in the world, too.

There’s some spiritual, other realm-y guidance/awareness ready to be witnessed & integrated. Things work in mysterious ways — Truths come that way.

You don’t have to blame yourself anymore.

You don’t have to blame anyone else anymore, either.

Humans tussle with witnessing scenarios for how they provide experience & insights, which can provide guidance as to the next steps they may need to take.

What someone else has, gets, or seems to have a leg up on that you don’t? It has nothing to do with your journey, other than to remind you of what you may want/need to develop for yourself.

The quickest way to nip fomo in the butt is to realize, “Hey — I signed up for my life experiences so I could evolve, not just stock pile tokens in my wallet.”

Maybe your evolution has to do with piling up tokens? Everyone is here to do something different, day to day.

Learning how to be with ourselves in the ways we weren’t considered sounds intense (the feelings are!) but there is a simple equation you can use to access understanding of it:

Witness what really annoys you — what you get impatient about.

Realize that annoyance or shortness with yourself 1st, & another 2nd (they sure seem to go in that order) is a message that there’s something about this thing you’re impatient about that you’re meant to become a master at embodying.

You’re meant to create a relationship with what annoys you, within you. So it stops the cycle of suffering, sacrifice, addiction.

You get complete awareness at a full moon.

You get some Truths you need to hear. Usually in the days leading up to it, little trinkets of insights come your way.

Maybe in a dream, or maybe through practical elements of wrestling with a self limiting habit.

Whatever shows up, remember that you can’t become master of anything if the basis for mastery is about something other than doing good work.

If you’re doing something because you weren’t considered in some way, or were blamed for something that wasn’t your fault, you’re on the wrong path. Because that’s not useful or practical. It’s only feeding the wounding.

No blame — just awareness.

You’ll never reach mastery if you’re being led by the leash of martyrdom. Mastery requires devotion. Devotion based on the ways you value yourself & your connection to something more than all of this. Not a longing to convince someone out there you have value.

What can I say? It’s hard human stuff. Soul is much better equipped at guiding us toward this level of awareness. Lean on that connection. It’s much easier that way.