Why I Use Acupuncture for Anxiety

I chose a picture without needles for those who get grossed out easily. :)

Here are a few things I learned about acupuncture through my experience:

  1. One off appointments are fine, but if you’re looking to get energy flowing through your body and release stagnation that can result in physical pain, you need to go regularly say, a month. Twice a week is best but once a week works too.
  2. You might get emotional because you’re releasing blocked energy and emotions in your body during the process. I had a pretty solid crying session during my last appointment but that’s nothing new for me as of late (read about that here.) And I’m not going to shame myself for it, even though it was uncomfortable at first, being that vulnerable in front of a stranger.
  3. You might get an area in your body that feels full once the needles are put in — for me, it was my shoulder on the first appointment, and my elbow the second. This is normal and nothing to be freaked out about (I say that after getting freaked out about it and then calming down after the acupuncturist told me it’s totally normal.)
  4. You may experience a needle that doesn’t feel so great. If it hurts, you don’t have to sit there and suffer through it (I’m talking to my fellow people pleasers out there.) If you are uncomfortable, say so and the acupuncturist can take it out or adjust it.
  5. More needles do not always make it a better experience. My first appointment I was loaded with them, but my second I felt more comfortable with half the amount. Both appointments were equally beneficial. So if you’re prone to thinking more is better, like I often do, release that belief for the appointment. (Probably best to release that belief on a global scale but let’s both go easy on ourselves and commit to working on that in the future, OK? :))



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