Where are you going?

Name the ways you’ve let yourself down. And use those moments to teach yourself how to do things differently next time.

When your consciousness is flooded with wince-inducing memories, see them as reminders of the ways your suffering drove you to more of the same.

And be kind to yourself. Because they’re just lessons. Just moments to learn. That’s all.

Use your experiences to be a better human. Not because you were ever a bad one. It’s just this life thing. It takes you places. Some you’re ashamed to admit you visited. All in the name of learning.

And you know how easy it is to get lost! It’s almost as if it’s set up to make you lose yourself. 🤔

Especially when you’re so busy condemning yourself and others for taking the wrong path: that’s what you’ve been busy with since your mom and dad taught you how to do it.

But enough of that, already. Because you know that getting lost is good. It helps you figure out the right direction, for you. And condemnation is so 2021.

So you took someone else’s path for a while. Because it scared you, to go your own way. And maybe it caused you some problems, which tough as they may be to sort through, helped you figure out that that path you were on isn’t for you.

Whaddya do now? You get to work discovering reverence for the direction you feel drawn to. The one that feels like something you could commit to, long term.

And you do the work. Or werk. Depends how afraid you are of the dreaded W word.

All the while, you steadily remind yourself that not everyone is going to head in the same direction as you.

They might be really unimpressed with you. Stern. Rigid. Condemnation abounds! Because you went a different way. The nerve!

But if you’re so worried that they aren’t heading where you’re going, and bristling at the condemnation being flung about the further you head in opposing directions, you’re losing vital time & thinking space required to dedicate your life to your way — your path — your long term plan.

Tough love. It aches. You can feel it in your bones.

But there’s a fork in the road. And you need to be sure you’re on the right path. For YOU. No one else.

Or you’ll never be free.



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Originally published at https://mustlovecrows.com on February 4, 2022.



Astrologer. Writer. Woo Type. MustLoveCrows.com

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