The Stimulus for Regeneration

Andrea Scoretz
4 min readJan 19, 2024


January 19, 2024

At the final degree of a sign, we experience what some astrologer’s describe as fated experiences.

In my experience, it’s been much more rewarding, empowering and logical to consider that much of what we consider fated is the inevitability of what we resist knowing or accepting, coming to the surface.

Which is why I think ancient astrologer’s just plain old label it as bad — a malefic point in the astrological wheel.

But if we are concerned with empowerment, we must consider there is a challenge here — not a point of falling to the ground, playing a victim role.

It may be that we do need to fall to our knees, to the humbling revelation of something painful we have disembodied, or, been denied awareness of by our psyche up til now, in courtesy to our psychological well being.

See, you need to be in a certain state, a certain inner environment to be able to handle certain psychic revelations.

The wheel of time is loyal to timelines beyond human convenience or demand. And our inner processes do serve to protect us — even though they can seem wholly dysfunctional at times.

Time can serve us, not just be an enslavement device.

If everything came in at once, we could shatter. Shattering serves a purpose, as scary as it seems — more on that soon.

But back to the final degree, it suggests we are being asked to become aware of compulsions related to being so full of something that we can’t see straight — we just by default behave in a larger than life way.

And we may over do it. Just…don’t….quit. Even though the proof is in the pudding — it isn’t working.

If you’re human, courageous, and reading this right now, there are areas of life you’ve surely been overdoing it in.

Lessons on how natural processes need their space and time to be revealed & happen are at the ready — like fruit on a tree during harvest season.

We’ve been forcing things for a long while. And we’ve been so “in” it, we haven’t necessarily been able to see how we’ve been behaving crazily in our denial of what it is we need to learn.

That’s OK — everything can be used as stimulus for regeneration.

We’ve been focusing on lack, giving ourselves to stories someone else has funded — conditioned our ears & minds to absorb.

But what about another story?

Things function better when we’re not trying to control, one up, dominate, or be seen as someone powerful and authoritarian.

(Psst — Don’t take cues on how to behave from entities and people who value these types of behaviours.)

Less of our energy is being drained when we are allowing, rather than attempting to control (this goes for all areas of our lives.)

Some things have to be named for what they are — not capable of feeding us. If we have been snacking repetitively on something that is not fuelling us, not supporting our vitality — we need to find something better to chew on, long term.

I don’t need to tell you these things — you know it already. You’re wise.

You don’t go through what you’ve gone through without becoming wise.

But right now, the most challenging experiences we’ve gone through may be illuminated as being the ingredients of a vital process — fuel toward your death and rebirth, on the inside AND outside.

You may feel a powerful urge to no longer hide your light (good — never abandon yourself — EVER — that is not acceptable);

Perhaps a will-full power to no longer identify with pain, but rather, the empowering way it has shaped you into who you are today.

You know what you can and cannot control, and you know that your will must be directed toward acts of renewal — not replications of value.

No turning back — no more loyalty to compulsions. That’s enough now — you know it, I know it.

You understand the power of committing to resolving issues that are yours and yours alone to come to terms witheven if they speak of ancestral patterns.

The power is in the now. The now-point.

Just because it cannot be undone, doesn’t mean it can’t be used as a battery to regenerate your spirit, lighting a perpetual path for yourself and those who come after you.

You are loved beyond the confines of your past.

in courage,


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