The Square-footage of Virgo

Andrea Scoretz
7 min readOct 6, 2023


Thinking a lot about Virgo recently, so thought I’d formulate some sort of post about the insights that have been coming for me.

Virgo would not like my “some sort of” comment. But Pisces = you get it.

Virgo can be thought of as an energy existing within the boundaries of a certain geographic region of thinking.It’s moving a lot, but in a small space.

If you picture yourself moving around your house, tending to all the little things that come up — the day to day activities and habits that keep you busy & feel like they simply must be done, because it makes sense to do them — they serve a purpose — that’s a good vignette of Virgo. The key is to remember that there is always movement — it’s consistent in that sense — puttering but with purpose.

It needs movement because that’s the energy built into it. Mutable. So if things aren’t moving or being done within a container it deems practical, or the movements aren’t in alignment with the tasks at hand, Virgo can get pissy. It can get uncomfortable and start projecting the frustration outward onto people who seem ungrounded or nebulous (Pisces — whattup?)

We all do this in some area of life to some extent. The struggle here is that Virgo often views life through a lens of limitation. It has a geographical limitation within the structure of its view point. It has a really hard time with big picture thinking — the vastness of potentialities.

Why? Because it cannot master that which it cannot put its finger on. Because of free will & all of the elements of life and humanity & the woo-ness of the universe, Virgo cannot be good at what it cannot know, what it does not have access to knowing (yet). So it tends to poo poo the wonderment alive in the ungroundedness of, well, life. The what ifs.

Virgo wants to feel tucked away in a container of thinking & it is willing to protect its habitual way of viewing life by doubling down on how stupid everything that doesn’t make sense to it is (shout out Pluto in Virgo generation for taking that to a degree of unknown preportions.)

What ifs don’t seem practical, especially if they are really far out in the future, or don’t serve Virgo’s immediate needs to make sense of the right now.

But practical isn’t always practical. Being open to considering that there may be more to the story — unknown factors — is pretty practical.

But that entails admitting you can’t make sense of something — that you aren’t great at understanding something. So add an Aquarian or Pisces and Virgo can get really critical of the more expansive views offered — the visions they may speak to that don’t fit in within the constraints of shorter term thinking — what is already known. The judgement is often just a symptom of overwhelm.

One of the things Virgo energy needs is a purpose, something to focus on that they can channel the nervousness about what they don’t understand into. Virgo needs something in its hands to make something with — sometimes literally but often figuratively. Virgo needs it’s tools at the ready to develop what feels practical to it. So it can pick up the hammer and nails when it feels like telling everyone how stupid they are.

(You can look to the house Virgo lives in your chart to see where in your life this could be helpful)

It really needs to come back to what Virgo energy is doing every day, so the focus can stop being on how to get everyone to assimilate with their way of thinking — so that considering potentialities beyond the limits of day to day consciousness is not resisted with such vigor.

The fight for Virgo can often be around mindset — aligning with a potential that serves its focus on practicalities.Not retribution or getting someone back. Not harming themselves, either. Because a lot of the judgement Virgo offers is coming from an inner well of fear over feeling they aren’t doing a good enough job at something. And the only way to sort that out is to have a job you can focus on — a task that actually serves some form of productive movement in the world.

If you’re focusing on being critical of music, you might want to consider there is something within you that really wants to make music, you’re just afraid of not being that great at it…yet. Until you pick up your hammer and nails and start hammering, until the nails begin to go into the wood straighter, and you end up with a bird house that can actually create a home for that rare form of bird you didn’t realize existed until it flew into that bird house you built with your bare hands — well, you’ll always feel like you’re failing at something if you never start anything.

Escaping into something enjoyable for interludes helps you do the job you want to become a master at. It also helps you tolerate how it intermittently feels when you aren’t doing it that well — yet.

We always have to consider Pisces. When you’re doing Virgo, you’ll draw in a Piscean archetype, which is ungrounded and nebulous — unstructured. Impractical through the lens of Virgo’s desire to tend to and focus on the details.

Since Virgo is about service, it’s helpful to consider the suffering Pisces experiences in this world. This world is very Capricornian — very rigid. It can cut you off from your spirit in the name of a pay check, & the conditioned desire to be seen as an authority figure — to get status and respect from other people who are cut off from spirit. People commit suicide at times when they cannot handle how awful they feel day to day, being restricted from what they love to do because it doesn’t buy diapers for their kids. So Pisces needs to inform & imbue their lives with less structured activities like music, art & all the mysticism those activities are informed by in order to survive this life. And it can become extremely depressed — dangerously so — if it is kept from that fuel. Yes, creativity is fuel for Pisces.

Virgo needs to get practical about this suffering. It needs to understand that its practical to allow other people their experiences, even if it doesn’t think they are practical or serve a purpose. There is always something going on that Virgo doesn’t have access to when it has not developed the skill of looking beyond it’s own mental postal code.

I want to honor the Virgoan energy in all of us. It is a struggle to contend with a limited view of life. To consider life within such a short distance of thought, and compare it all to how things are done within such a limited region of thinking creates a lot of pain. It restricts us from connecting with others & the great potentials of life.

To run everything you see through the lens of that one area of thinking — well, I want to challenge this. And will continue to challenge it. Not because I want other people to suffer or feel bad for struggling in this way. Because I feel it’s dangerous to not look beyond that. To not consider the nebulousness and uncertainty of the future. To claim to know what something is, what it’s value quotient is based on your habitual views alone — this is harmful for humanity.

Our views must be imbued with potentials beyond our comfort, conditioning & habitual views.

Because there is always Pisces to contend with. And there are elements of life within that archetype that you cannot know the full extent of. Ever. Not in human form. There is something to be revealed with Pisces — always — and it’s not a consciousness that exists within one postal code of thought. It’s an energy that is informed by realms we cannot see but dang it if they don’t influence us every day — from the day we are born and well before that. And beyond.

So I am hoping that we can start to understand the limitations we face as human beings within our consciousness. That the whole story is never something we have access to. And that it’s not about knowing what is practical with certainty. It’s about knowing that we need to learn how to oscillate within a space of unknowing, yet still function, facing that murky fog of the unknown — every damn day of our lives. Because that is what life is about.

It’s not a matter of waiting to figure something out to be OK — of needing things to make sense to us. It’s a matter of making the choice to figure out how to create an environment within ourselves, day to day, that can handle knowing that there is much to be revealed, so it’s impossible to form a value judgement of anything.

Something can seem good, and have the potential to not be good. But it can all offer a lesson. If you can look beyond the boundaries of your inner postal code.

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