Showing The World The Real You

When we come closer to knowing the truth of who we are, our foundational awareness is solidified through the act of giving the world a glimpse of who that is.

To know who we truly are takes a lot of work. To show who that person is, once we begin to do the work of understanding who that is, is another feat in and of itself.

Who am I? The question haunts us in whispered echoes throughout our life experience. As we bounce and bump into others, we are given opportunities to understand the answer. And we change it a lot. As we feel the comfort of belonging within the context of a group setting, we may lose sight of the answer entirely. In fact, the answer may at some points in life, if left unchecked or unquestioned, be entirely dependent upon what the group asserts itself, and us, to be.

Fear of rejection, of not belonging anywhere can take us down paths that lead us astray from answering the question, Who am I? It feeds desires that don’t belong within us, that serve as bandaids for the cracks in our foundation formed by choosing the comfort of belonging over the transformative discomfort of understanding who we are in the absence of all the noise of the collective.

Yet, we ARE the collective. We are part of it all and everyone. We are, for lack of a better phrase, cut from the same cloth.

And we are all here for different reasons.

We aren’t here to adhere to group-think about “makes sense” or how we “should” feel, think or act.

We are here to question the beliefs of the very thing within which we undeniably belong.

It is through that questioning that we uncover fragmented insights into who we are and what we are meant to do.

The work of human life is to put the fragments of intel we receive from our experiences into a story — the story — we are playing out in this incarnation.

Some of these insights come from really difficult experiences. Some come from joyous ones.

The universe doesn’t discriminate with good or bad in this area. They are ALL guiding us towards something, or, repelling us from something.

Every experience we have is a road map — every event we experience is a potential pivot point. The intensity matters to our human minds, but to the universe, they are all simply gifts of varying intensity, guiding us in the direction we are meant to go.

When we come closer to knowing the truth of who we are, our foundational awareness is solidified through the act of giving the world a glimpse of who that is.

When we begin to offer ourselves to the world as we inherently are, even when afraid of how that version of us will be perceived, we say to the universe, “I am beginning to know who I am: please send me experiences that solidify my burgeoning understanding of my purpose and align me with experiencing my desires.”

To do this, we must stop offering versions of ourselves that other people are comfortable with.

We must abandon the group and not just risk being rejected for being ourselves, but fully accept the experience.

We must willingly move into experiencing how it feels to not be accepted for who we are, in order to envelop the full energetic expression of WHO we are.

Even though this courageous act may be something we choose to do, it still triggers feelings of abandonment. This great severing of our roots, this powerful choice to choose the road untraveled, to live within the unknown and the discomfort of others not understanding or accepting that you are uncovering your path, feels like a loss. Like being left out for being YOU.

But the universe rewards leaps of faith. No act of courage goes unrewarded through its eyes. And the power that resonates from your choice to act beyond the scope of all that you know — all that was once comfortable yet feels less and less so as you begin to know yourself inherently — leaves an energetic imprint that motivates and empowers others to walk the same courageous path.

Andrea Scoretz is a writer, actor, consultant and intuitive. Learn more about her by visiting

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