power through powerlessness

Andrea Scoretz
2 min readFeb 12, 2024


Discovering what you’re capable of often takes a great adversary. And it’s not always who or what you think.

Usually, we need a visit from the depths to discover more about our bug a boo — the thing that keeps us from our power.

If we are really resistant to the feelings associated with the thing that trips us up the most, it tends to become really powerful. We lack skill in negotiation because we haven’t been using the muscle. So it can feel like an explosion at times, but that’s only because primal feelings aren’t something we’re like, “Cool — let me spend some time with this.”

And then little bits of this primal animal seep out into our lives. We can see it and sense it in the way “I will not be f***ing controlled!!!” arrives in our consciousness.

You reach a point where you’ve had enough — the truth of the terror busts out of the seems of your psyche. For some of us this is a lifestyle, a way of life, to realize the feelings associated with feeling blocked, thwarted, cursed at many turns, and steadily negotiating the urge to flip the table to make a pathway toward the door — for air — for life.

But some of the tables we want to flip, we need. There must be a negotiation of what is required to live and what is taking away from our capacity to sustain ourselves.

It’s as much of a physical experience as a psychological one. Either way, there is a secret, a force that’s been hidden and it has something to say. It might make you want to pick a fight; it might have your nervous system trembling.

Good — these are indicators of power being activated. Something has been buried & must surface because it has a story to tell about how your power has been thwarted.

And it’s time to get to know what you’re capable of, and how to use it for the good of all.

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