Love Stories

Andrea Scoretz
2 min readSep 12, 2023


To know love means to know the pendulum swing of the other end.

This is tricky business, because you are learning to fall in love with yourself.

And it’s causing a problem.

How can you love without knowing what un-loved is? They come together — it’s a package deal.

To know love means to know the pendulum swing of the other end.

When you are learning to love you, you will feel deeply the un-love.

You will be called to be with yourself when faced with all that is unloving.

It will throw a wrench into the spokes of all of your everything — that which you’ve lived upon and relied upon, up until now.

And they will tell you not to think of you. But you must, in order to fall into the truly, madly, deeply version of love this world requires you extend to yourself.

How do you survive the act of un-love? The polarity of the heart frequency?

You can only survive it if you have fostered an ability to connect with, activate and supply yourself with love.

It’s incredibly difficult, because you’ve gone without it for so long. Not since before this story began did you embody it to the degree this situation demands.

There have been many placeholders — replications of it rampant this earth, and the mind.

But it is of utmost importance at this time, in order to survive the falling of the castle and all that requires, that you live with the intention to fall in love with you.

To give of yourself what cannot be relied upon by exterior forces.

It’s not a problem — it’s the solution. To everything.”