Learning How To Feel

Andrea Scoretz
2 min readMar 8, 2023


Become an authority figure on how to engage with your feelings

You can’t take in more if you’re already full.

Sure, you can try to stuff it in. But then it doesn’t digest — you don’t get the proper nutrients because the body is so busy trying to look after the repercussions of being force fed.

It’s the same thing with your thoughts. You want new ones, but there’s all this stuff in the way — feelings — that impair the ability of a new way of thinking to latch on.

This is why we have to look at our feelings. We have to learn how to have a dialogue with them.

You don’t need to literally speak with them, with words. You can if you want. But there has to be some form of communication that transcends verbal & written language. You have to develop a way to tolerate the existence of all the feelings you’ve been so busy trying to ignore (don’t beat yourself up or anyone else for this: we have all been trained to do this.)

You’ve been building businesses, relationships, care-giving, shopping, eating, cooking, judging — so many activities! Some (many) serve a practical need.

But it’s time to be honest: You’ve been doing it in large part to avoid how you feel.

So now we need to learn how to look at what we’ve been trying to avoid. To not just run from them. While understanding we don’t have to make a full time job out of torturing ourselves with the process. Just try. bit by bit.

Because we want a new experience to come in — we know there’s something more to feel than this — and we can’t receive something new when we’re full of feelings we haven’t learned how to tolerate.

Why’s your blood pressure so high? There’d be a lot of intensity in the blood if you were working that hard to stifle a feeling you didn’t know how to feel — because no one taught you how, they just focused on teaching you how NOT to feel it.

So learn how to feel. Study feelings. Become an authority figure on how to work with them.

They aren’t going anywhere. It’s time to get to know them.

Andrea Scoretz is a writer & consultant who uses astrology to explore the psyche and expand consciousness.