Individual anger behind social causes

Exploring the individual’s anger behind collective causes

Andrea Scoretz
3 min readNov 18, 2023

It’s OK to feel mad. It’s just practical and valuable to become aware of the original source of the anger.

We have all experienced painful moments we’d rather not consider with much detail. We also hold events we cannot remember within us, too. These may stimulate great depths of sadness — Grief. Emotions that come out of nowhere, and feel uncontainable or intolerable.

As our societal conditioning has provided us with minimal understanding of the reverence such moments deserve and command — that learning how to hold intense emotions is integral to the development of our human powers — we often stay settled in our consciousness with anger. We would much rather be with the heat as it feels stronger — more powerful. Safer.

The confusing thing is that anger can be useful. It tells a story about something that is pertinent to our journey — what is important for us to explore, learn about, and learn from.

But at the core of the anger we channel into a current movement or social cause (in some instances, funnel our entire consciousness into) is a seed narrative, about something within that is missing and must be fulfilled by our own hands & minds.

This healing cannot be outsourced via social causes.

Sadness denied or unknown, un-integrated or not made of aware of, speaks to something we needed that was denied or didn’t receive. As a result, we shut our hearts to the full breadth of human emotion, as it felt too painful to face the details surrounding what was denied. It is up to us to become aware of the need to open the heart center back up, and as a result of that work, develop greater understanding of our power to inform & form the world around us.

It is very easy to ignore this pivotal inner project of getting to know what is missing within us, and what we need to develop in order to heal from the lack. This work helps us become more consciously advanced individuals within the context of the group and societal causes.

There are a myriad of moments and movements out in the world that we can choose to funnel rage into — anger which serves as a protective barrier around the depths of grief within.

It is of course perfectly acceptable and a free will personal choice to partake in certain movements and politicalized narratives — to feel connected to a mass media backed agenda & want to perpetuate it and emblazon it further with our fiery focus.

We may want to help, which is great. It’s wonderful to want to be of service in some way. Service-centric work is the most powerful.

But it serves the greater whole of humanity to choose to help with conscious awareness that you are attempting to make up for an inner lack while you are doing it.

You are trying to bypass sadness. You are trying to skip over a vital process. You are using anger to deny the fact that you are unsure of how to be with the depths of grief within.

Within that cage, there is an untruth souring the good intentions. And the intentions can have greater strength, be undiluted in their power, when you allow the full story within you to come to the light of awareness.

We can ask why.

We can wonder what is going on within us, beneath the outwardly projected anger.

We can research how to be with rage — how to give ourselves what we need, in order to heal our hearts and purify the heart center.

We may not get the answer on demand. Healing doesn’t work that way. But if we set the intention to become more aware of the inner drive / obsession toward a certain frequency or flavour of social cause, we are on our way.

We are more powerful humanitarians when we become conscious that our humanitarian efforts are embedded with the intention to skip over vital grief processes.

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