In Defense of Quitting

Andrea Scoretz
2 min readAug 29, 2017


Yes it’s OK to quit, and no you don’t need to feel bad about it.

If you’re miserable, quit, and find a new path. (See what I did there? lol)

So I came across this quote on Facebook the other day: “Winners are not people who never fail. Winners are people who never quit.”

And I’m going to offer up a big F you to that guilt-laden crap, because guess what?

There ain’t nothin’ wrong with quitting something that isn’t working for you.

Puhhllleeeaassseee with all this pressure! Seriously! All this so-called self-help stuff that guilts us into believing that we must suffer — that we must ignore our soul calling out when it says “no more working for the man — time to invest in me!!”

I’m over it, and I hope you give yourself permission to be over it too.

Because damned if life isn’t hard enough — now we have to stick it out through everything? Even the stuff that is making us depressed and anxious and miserable?

Nuh uh. I’m done with that way of living.

Does that mean I’m going to walk out on my part-time gig because it brings me occasional discontent? No. Because not having the guaranteed cash flow every week would cause me even more stress. Plus if I’m being real with you, it has really helped me work on my patience (I wrote about that here.)

But if something came up that made me happier, you can sure as shit bet I would take that new gig. And you know what I’ll do when that comes about?

I’ll quit.

Sure I’ll give my two weeks (probably more, because 2 weeks is super short ) but I’ll still quit in order to get going on something that better jives with me.

And I’ll do it because there’s nothing wrong with quitting if you feel it’s time to do so.

Right there, I’ve dispelled this whole “never quit” belief that quite frankly, is causing everyone a whole lot of unnecessary pain and shame.

So my friends, if you feel called to quit, quit. And don’t shame yourself for it.

And please unfollow any accounts in your social media feeds that offer up silly quotes that attempt to shame you into accepting discontent. No one needs that unproductive pressure to be perfect shoved in their face.

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