Get Curious About The Argument

Andrea Scoretz
4 min readMay 20, 2024


On your own terms.

There is recurrence of an issue related to optimism conflicting with reality. And someone (everyone?) is over doing it.

Getting curious about the argument — the argumentative nature — makes sense.

Even if the reason why this is happening again isn’t entirely clear. And nothing much is coming of this re-peat. It’s like a false start.

But it’s still a seed.

We talk about things “out there” restricting our freedom. And then we block our own expansion by refusing to explore uncomfortable exchanges.

You don’t have to explore it with the person you’re butting thoughts with.

Just be sure to give yourself the gift of exploring the contents of the argument, within yourself.

We have optimism and then we have it’s funky cousin, reality — our lived experience.

Living a full experience means there’s underworld and the light of day involved in the exchange.

The trick is to not get stuck in either realm. Stay with a philosophy that’s expansive, yet doesn’t cajole you into getting careless about the need to be flexible.

That’s what true journalism is. It considers all the potentials and views, and it learns to tolerate the ones it doesn’t like.

Not because they are necessarily true or untrue — because they might be.

Sometimes the matter at hand is that the message feels too far off from our ideal.

Allowing the shape of the vision to be altered, whether you like it or not matters.

Also — you don’t need to know everything. It’s an experience. It’ll come clear in the wash later.

The mind can play tricks. It can also channel profound insights.

This is the humble-ness cookie we consistently munch on as humans.🍪

Sometimes our insights are next level on-point. And sometimes they are a lesson in the perils of our loyalty to hubris.

The mind can get hijacked.

By what? I dunno for sure. There are so many mind control techniques being used on the collective.

Psychic downloads — yeah, that happens. Of course it does. But sometimes it’s the contents of egoic power-grabbing coming to life (when we feel insecure, we tend to crave being in charge.)

Looking for the ways we get tricked by messaging, within and out there is important to explore.

We won’t leave the theme of the individual feeling rejected or wronged for a while.

That said, what happens when we feel unwanted? Is it that we truly aren’t or weren’t wanted?

Or is that we are required to deviate from a pack (or pact) for our spiritual evolution?

Maybe we’re doing something, over and over and over again, which keeps us from being accepted with open arms. Maybe we’re stinging our own foot in some way. And it’s our path but also our pain that we need to explore more.

We are certainly not living in loyalty to solely what we want to feel and do.

There are recurrent themes playing out that have something to say about our role in this big ole collective “whoa!!!!”

Money. Relationships. Health.

Same thing. But different.

What’s the media saying about this stuff….again?

A Recurring message.

It seems like something little, this thing that’s popped up. But it’s big. It’s got a resonance. IE it’s not going to go away.

We are re-visiting an ideal, and our capacity to be tolerant is being challenged.

You get to see something that was hidden in plain sight. You get that inkling validated.

They did such a terrible job of hiding it this time!
They aren’t hiding it this time!

Something along those lines.

What matters to you in relationship is getting very clear.

Probably because of a recent sting, which arrived on the tail end of someone tryin’ to fluff your lovely feathers (they are lovely, that’s why the person felt the primal urge to try to sting ya!)

But it’s all good. This is good information to have revealed to you.

Better out than in. Truly.

Plus, this is a gift that keeps the story going. If you were stuck, the information can help blast open a new pathway.

You offered generosity and didn’t get the response you wanted.

What if it was the response you needed?

The Full moon in Sagittarius is on May 23, 2024 at 6:53 AM PST.

It’s usually the moments leading up to the big moment that reveal something helpful — even if it doesn’t feel that way at the time.

It’s over the top this moon, just the way the sign likes. It wants a large serving. So big feelings abound.

Be a professional journalist about it and you’ll be golden. Leave the bias alone. Take in the info. But stick close to your main assignment.

Honor your bodily power to process the conflict between your needs & wants and someone else’s wants-from-you.

Stick with your goals. Stay loyal to them. That’s more prosperity-inducing than indulging in a round of emotional debauchery.

Originally published at on May 20, 2024.