Full moon eclipse messages

Andrea Scoretz
3 min readOct 28, 2023


Messages about how we resource ourselves are coming through — profound ones

If you don’t have your ducks in a row, you can’t show up in partnership in a healthy way.

You might be too needy, or too demanding, or not ask for what you need.

To be a healthy individual, you have to be clear about what you need.

Your inner house has to have walls & a roof — a definable boundary between you and others (and the invisible realms).

You have to look beyond normal consciousness to see how your security fears influence you — how they actually pull you away from what you need to be secure in this world.

You don’t get over a fear of the boogeyman by refusing to see a boogeyman.

Maybe there’s a troll peaking around the corner, and you’re too afraid to acknowledge that a troll (what??!!) could actually be peaking at you from around the corner.

“I want you to look in ever corner of your mind, and develop a strategy for how to deal with the boogeyman in there.”

Something might be saying that to you. Wanting you to activate your masculine strength and go into that dark night, to see what it has to teach you. But you need to be sure of your foundation — you can’t be reckless.

Meanwhile, people are dressing up as boogeymen — for fun. I mean, what’s with the obsession with horror and terror externally, yet no one is wiling to look at the horror series playing out in their own heads?

There’s some things that are influencing us — that have been holding us back.

Maybe you’ve realized what some of those things are over the past 48 hours.

Or maybe you’ve reached some pinnacle, a junction point that’s induced a sigh of relief — “OK — things are crazy, but I at least have this awareness now, to ground myself. THIS is a foundational piece of my existence. This can be used to build the floor of my inner home.”

Something just beginning, but also, leaving. Ending and beginning. Something has to go away, and come back in a new way.

This is what eclipses can do.

The ancients used to be terrified of eclipses. They would hide away — “the world is ending!” They wouldn’t leave the house.

Well, life is always ending and always beginning anew. Everything all at once.

And somewhere, in each of our individual lives, something is being clarified — a message is coming through, or has come through, about what we need to commit to in order to stabilize ourselves in these reckless, worldly tides/times.

It’s about the individual needs, so the individual can show up in partnership, devoted to detoxifying unhealthy survival fear patterns.

And it’s the gift of having at least one area of life (maybe multiple) more stabilized.

And it’s also about some inner aspect of ourselves being changed, and evolved — during a period of time when the collective is most attuned to attempting to control and dominate.

That’s no small feat. But we’re doing it. We’re changing when we want to cling and never let go.

Go team.

in courage,


1:24 pm pst — full moon eclipse in taurus