Coveting The Ideal

Andrea Scoretz
3 min readMay 31, 2024


Becoming aware of how your ideal denies reality is valuable.

The will of life is strong, and we need to ensure we aren’t squandering it’s power to take us places.

To do that, the ideal has to make room for the practical limitations of reality — time, energy, finances.

Energetics & resources have their say.

Today is a good day to consider where an ideal may impede on the brass tax of our lives.

The mind can play tricks. It can also do marvelous things — it can create.

It’s deciphering what we’re doing with this powerful muscle that matters most.

An ideal can de-materialize dreams.

If you’re shiny, saucer-eyed about a dream outcome, you still have to pay attention to practical, boring details that can support it.

What’s more — becoming aware of how the story you tell yourself is squandering your dream may be the crystal vault you gotta crack open and look into.

Maybe your plan is brilliant. It’s well informed. You’ve done the work to ensure it is.

But it’s just not a good day to attempt that activity.

Maybe Monday would be better (it would) — a more stable and steady energy occurring at that point.

Make sure your ideal intermingles with the reality of energetic limitations.

Said another way: make sure your ideal utilizes the power of different energies & information.

It’s the way you wouldn’t talk to an employer about a raise when he’s pissed off. Just wait. Do something else for now.

Let the ideal intermingle with reality, and vice versa.

There’s the ideal and there’s the structures of reality to contend with. Figuring out which way we more heavily lean into is valuable.

Becoming aware of which one you fall asleep to — deny, ignore, skip over — helps the life path.

Become aware of the vital processes you tend to deny in favor of an idealized outcome.

This equates to LESS SUFFERING.

Today, be aware of the capacity to trick yourself into activities that take you backwards — actions that cause the de-materialization of your goals.

Don’t keep doing it. And you know what “it” is. ‘Cuz it’s right in front of you, trying to get you to do it — again.

It’s just a phase of wanting. It’ll pass.

It’s just a story. It’s not true.

Wait for the “AHA!!”

Maybe sadness kicks is as the bubble wraps pops for the last time. If so (inevitable, really) listen to some tunes. Go to the water — connect with water in whatever way you can.

Blissing out is good for business.

Holistic wealth needs you to check out on occasion. There is value there.

Get back to building on Saturday. Monday’s pretty auspicious for resource acquisition, too.

(Really want something to move? Wait until AFTER the new moon culminates — next one is on June 6th 5:37 AM PST)

All I’m saying is, don’t fight with yourself. Better to just chill. Rest up.

Make it easier on yourself. You’ll know when the time is right for getting back to your strategy.