Conspiracy Realities — A Love Story

You don’t have to like what you hear, you just can’t deny that you heard it.

And isn’t that what it’s all about — denial? Of what you’re really afraid of?

It’s death, isn’t it? Sorry, if I scared you with the D word. So many D words that make us cringe.

I’m talking about conspiracies as they pertain to reality.

Even though you might not deny you heard a conspiracy (lets be real: you’re more likely to have told everyone “ Listen to this stupid thing I just read, about people comparing this moment in time to when Hitler was on the scene! What a riot! “) you WILL block the deets from (consciously) percolating in your psyche. And that’s a shame because the devil is in the details. And you need to know what the devil is up to!

It’s been such a long span of time in which you’ve been refusing to see what the devil is up to.

You can swap in whatever word you want for the devil: Big Pharma. The vatican. Bill Gates. The Starbucks drive through clerk who put regular milk in your mocha. The nerve!

In reality, I’m talking about the inner parts of everyone which manifest in the outer world, that don’t exactly want you living your best life, free as an eagle, tanning topless on a beach eating organic grapes.

Nope — this energy wants you holed up on a couch in desperate need of a costume change, spellbound by programming and eating Mcdonalds, relentlessly wondering why you feel like shit.

The devil is where you don’t want to go and he’s more powerful because you don’t want to go there.

He’s wrapped up in what you don’t want to take a peek at, loves that you won’t go there, and he’s a leading character in conspiracy realities.

His malevolent acts feature heavily in stories you don’t want to hear about. Because it’s uncomfortable. And it’s all about death — the death of a dream you once held about what it is to be human.

What’s that thing someone wise once said? We were born to die?

Yeesh, am I right? But also, yeah, OK — that IS the one thing we’re all going to experience. It’s the one guarantee in life. So maybe we should look at why we fear that so much — something that is just so part and parcel to being human.

Early conditioning says what…

Early conditioning says here, watch this childhood cartoon — all of ’em actually — in which each character experiences their worst fear: death of the people that help them to feel safe in the world.

Say it with me now, with bravado:

What do we need in order to develop mentally and emotionally in childhood?


Who didn’t receive a foundation of safety in their early life?


So early childhood “yay! let’s watch a movie!” actually entailed programming us to feel afraid. To fracture something within us. So we were always rumbling on the inside, then AND now. Peeking over our shoulders, primal fear of being abandoned. Easily triggered by fear propaganda and easier to control and manipulate — for life.

That’s heavy impact on the heart and head stuff. ‘Cuz how do you really become who you’re meant to be when you don’t have access to all the parts required to assemble yourself?

It’s hard to become whole if you’ve been messed with on such a primal developmental level, so early in life. And then that messing around continues via programming throughout your life, through the sources you’ve been taught to believe are “right” and “true” and “good” — the news, the government, your doctor.

You’re all atwitter — by the app and the fearful anti-love messaging being pummeled into your psyche by the news — and your neighbor who’s a David fucking downer on every level (you really gotta pretend you’re expecting an important call more often) and the fact that you’re not living your best life like the fake photo-shoots on Instagram tell you you should be (who takes life advice from a photo shoot? EVERYONE — AND IT’S INSANE.)

You’re perpetually on edge. You’re just really good at playing it cool. Like a good human.

Side note, here’s a definition of the word “Twitter” that might get your dendrites firing (fingers crossed):

To speak rapidly and in a tremulous manner.

Definition of Tremulous:

Timid or fearful.

My interpretation of Instagram, for good measure:

Getting a gram of cocaine delivered to you instantly, whenever you feel like a hit of dopamine = Instagram

Can I get a WTF on all of the above?

Bambi’s mom getting shot upset you for a reason — and it lingers. And that lingering…you can’t say it doesn’t still affect you. Well, you could. And you could call this entire communicado I’ve just offered you a big ole conspiracy shit emoji.

BUT — you could also be like, Hmmm, what the heck is this all about? What’s she getting at?

I’m getting at this:

It’s never too late to dip your toes in waters you’ve never tried.

I’m not talking about trying heroin — though meandering the conspiracy reality landscape takes you places you’ve never been. I’m saying take a sip of this lite beer that will introduce you to storylines that offer a counter view to the shitty freezer section lasagna you’ve been served for years, and it might help you lose a bit of that tire around your waist.

It’s a conspiracy reality story. And you’re gonna love it. Eventually.

Originally published at on December 2, 2021.




Astrologer. Writer. Woo Type.

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Andrea Scoretz

Andrea Scoretz

Astrologer. Writer. Woo Type.

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