Coming Home For Dinner

Andrea Scoretz
3 min readJul 17, 2023

New Moon in Cancer — July 17, 2023 @ 11:32:35 AM PST

My connection with this new moon is jacked up as it’s in relationship to personal planets, & kicking off an opposition relationship between heavy hitting archetypes (aren’t they all heavy hitting, though?) Suffice to say, with the Cancer Capricorn axis being activated I am feeling a strong tug of war between work compulsivity and what I need to nurture myself, so that I can actually show up in my work & relationships with the practical authenticity they both require.

Astrologer Frank Clifford offers that new moons aren’t a time for action: this energy is better used to jot down your ideas and consider potentialities. If you really want something to take off or be seen out in the world (on the cusp of Leo season that’s a powerful upcoming theme — can you see me?! look at me!!) you will want to save taking action for when the sun and moon are long past their culmination. He suggests waiting for the first quarter moon, which happens to occur on July 26th. Note taken.

So a new moon is about co-creating, using the input of your recent experiences. With Pluto opposing within 5 degrees (yes I consider that an opposition as Pluto is such a strong influence it requires wider orb) it’s about a reveal that’s equal parts good to know & kinda makes you sick to your stomach, particularly when you consider the repercussions of whatever you found out through the lens of your familial conditioning. There are alternative views that don’t feed a neurosis, ie ways to consider the feedback that are more supportive. Don’t buy the traditional hype that relies on limitations, shame & doubt. It’s dead energy.

What’s true? What do you really need? What actually feeds you? Make a pact to get real about it. Ask for THAT to be revealed to you, or clarity. Or the support within to be more loyal to feeding yourself (thoughts, food — what’s the diff?)

Is the narrative that’s propelling your want to be in a position of authority gobbling up vital resources? Are you starving yourself? Or destroying something that does feed you?

Does the thought of slowing down and nurturing yourself make you feel sick? Use the new moon energy to make a pact to learn how to do these things — for you. Because that supports your reputation in the world. How can you offer support if you don’t know how to support yourself? It’s just not practical — it’s got no legs.

Ambition is useless if it only ever drains your supply. Parents always call their kids in to eat. “That’s enough now — time for dinner.” Be your own parent. That’s hard if you didn’t have healthy parentals. We have to learn how to embody that role.

What we are defensive about often has a way of being seen in our mothers. Neurosis in general (an obsessions with work is trying to cover up a wound) often come from some way we lack or lacked support. It’s up to us to discover how to fill in the gaps. No shame. It’s just part of the journey, to learn how to fill our cups, not just dump them out in the name of material gain, status & reputation.

If you’re witholding support & sensitivity because you want to feel a sense of power over others, again, look to your mother relationship. It always comes back to that. Peeling that onion is a lifelong gig.

Whatever is coming to light of consciousness right now, using it to set an intention that supports the moulting process, and your want to scuttle away from human vulnerability, or use your pinchers on anyone who doesn’t offer you support is a good use of all that nervous, WTF is going on/WTH is coming my way energy a new moon reliably provides (oh the sweet release in the minutes following the conjunction!)

Julie Simmons offers that new moons are not about wishful thinking. Given the transformation we are collectively experiencing, aligning our new moon intentions with becoming more conscious feels pretty practical.