Can you hear me?

Andrea Scoretz
3 min readJun 7, 2023

You’re not listening — no one is. Why?

“i am stuck in this bucket. and i am also not stuck in this bucket.” — philosopher snow cat

You’re not listening. You’re too busy looking for a way to interject your opinion.

After that, you’re busy defending why you interjected, instead of acknowledging that you care more about asserting your opinion than you do about listening.

You do this because what the other person said triggers you into a state of feeling unsure about your opinions, which adhere to a specific agenda spurred by something someone else told you, which conveniently aligns with the way your mom or dad taught you to think.

See, deep inside you know that each agenda is full of shit in some way. That each movement or group thought process and its run off is contorted & controlled & deceptive in its own subterranean way.

And you can’t stand that. Part of you resists it. In the form of interjecting your opinion. As a way to avoid the fragility of living in the unknown space — the space where you can’t rely on mass thought processes.

You’re stuck in a channel of thought and it terrifies you to, A, realize you’re stuck and actively continue to stick yourself there, and B, think that someone might not be happy with you for it.

But above & beyond the opinions of everyone else “out there” — whether it’s social media, a group thread, or your mother — is this one thing you can barely contemplate, ’cause you’ve been blind as a bat to it since the day you were born:

You’re a walking, talking regurgitation machine spurred by the events, beliefs and conditioning of your parents. And until you realize this, you’ll remain imprisoned:

  • You’ll keep ignoring opinions that challenge the way you want to see things;
  • You’ll maintain a heightened degree of intolerance for anyone who has an opinion that challenges what you want to see or hear;
  • You’ll keep focusing on trying to contort & control the world out there instead of looking within at what needs to be changed;
  • You’ll keep playing victim when anyone challenges you;
  • You’ll keep refusing to listen — to anyone. That goes for friends & foes.

Your life will just keep being the same story, the same scene that’s been done so many times before. Wholly dissatisfying, consciousness restricting stuff. All because of a pattern that began so early in life, you have great difficulty seeing it.

And it’s so incredibly uncomfortable for you to accept you’re like a baby bird in your degree of understanding of this pattern & its power to shape your life’s trajectory.

But look around. There are baby birds everywhere. In fact, take a look at the person who is angry at you. Who disagrees with you. Who has an opinion you can’t stand the sound of.

They have the same issue. They are trying to compensate for something that happened so long ago, they can’t remember.

Until we start to consider this, life maintains a rerun quality.

Yet you have the power to change the station.