A Moment of Finality

Andrea Scoretz
3 min readMar 4, 2023

The ending of a familiar path.

March 4, 2023

The ending of a familiar path. Finality moment. Understanding, perhaps on the edge of nervous agitation, that the structures of life & the future of everything is destined for more than our traditional thinking and knowledge base to date can ascertain — or perhaps accept with the reverence it demands.

We have work ahead of us that requires we be more receptive: to let go of how we’ve formed the structures in our lives, in the name of loyalty to our ideals. To allow intel from unknown places to inform how we co-create our reality.

For some it’s a big hit of future meet past activation. This is when it gets a bit overwhelming — when we sense all that’s been and all that has the potential of being, performing a meet & greet within us. Our stomachs and feet begin to comprehend how they are connected — how our willingness to digest the existence of an alternative reality impacts our ability to walk.

Practicality, boots-on-the-ground wise: what’s it really mean to be of service? Is it of service to willingly impair our ability to be of service, through the upholding of desired ideals? And where do we turn when we have to face the suffering of having our bubbles popped? Do we have something within us to turn to? That’s practical. And it’s always available when we commit to becoming masters at connecting with it.

We wanna hide and claim it’s all smoke and mirrors. But what happens when we get gut punched with something we said we never wanted to experience? If we’re so busy escaping to desired states, with typhonic vigour, how can we witness what’s right in front of us? And make a practical decision about it? Cut the wheat from the weeds? I mean, if we’re so busy saying it’s organic when it’s not, how are we going to source a new line of organic strawberries?

Also: How can you see the illusion if you won’t allow yourself to consider, “You know — I just think there could be something else to the story…” ? You don’t need to know all the details — you just need to be able to sense that there could be more to the story. ’Cause there could be.

Dream of ways to meet your practical needs. Not the way you want it to go — just create an opening for the answer to come.

And add learning about energy to your chore list. Be open to sensing the things you can’t see and learning a new interpretation of them — their purpose, their intent. How they have a service to provide. How delving into the creative and artistic channels living within you shape your life.

How this work feeds your body. How it helps — or hinders — how you digest your food and your life experiences.

WTF, right?