When we come closer to knowing the truth of who we are, our foundational awareness is solidified through the act of giving the world a glimpse of who that is.

To know who we truly are takes a lot of work. To show who that person is, once we begin to do the work of understanding who that is, is another feat in and of itself.

Who am I? The question haunts us in whispered echoes throughout our life experience. As we bounce and bump into others, we are given opportunities to understand the answer. And we change it a…

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You want to be loving. You really, really do. Especially with that one person who reliably displaces their fear and frustrations onto others.

You affirm your patience. You ask for guidance. You seek solace in your beautiful, heart-led intentions to be a generous and loving human being.

But you miss your mark in their presence, and quickly hone in on hopin’, and wishin’, and thinkin’, that you woulda’, coulda’, shoulda’ done better.

Good news: Guilt is a sign that you need to prioritize self-kindness.

After a less than stellar interaction with someone whose very presence is an emotional trigger, you…

2018 has been a wild ride.

One of the craziest things that happened? I found out I have a sister though an Ancestry DNA kit.

Subtle warning: If you do one of those suckers and get alerted of a first cousin, you could involuntarily be uncovering some skeletons in the familial closet. 😬

Career-wise, things have been on the up and up. I started my own writing consulting business. It’s been really exciting to finally have found my niche in the writing/business world, though more along the lines of “I can’t believe I get paid to do this!” as opposed…

AKA, Retreating into your shell when life gets scary.

My therapist says I’m like a turtle. I don’t mind her claim. I like turtles and had a few of them as pets growing up. Plus, I know she’s not referring to my overall look, she’s referring to how I retreat into my shell when the world gets a little too scary for me.

Sometimes heaven is not dealing with people. It’s airplane mode when I’m not on a plane, and noise canceling headphones all day long. It’s a strategic disengagement with the alerts and noise so I can concentrate on…

Christmas is right around the corner and every year at this time for as long as I can remember, I’ve put a lot of energy into answering the question, “What do I want for Christmas?

The same routine has played out until as recently as last year. Want a new jacket, even though you already have 4? New boots even though you already have 3 pairs you barely wear? Locate desired items via greed frenzied finger scrolling on cell phone, add to your list, and they shall soon be yours, at which point you’ll feel better for a little bit…

Imagine 100 people in a line up in front of you, each one geared up and ready to tell you you’re irrational.

Why? Because the idea of being called irrational is adrenaline pumping. As in, you default to hyper defense, adrenal draining mode when it comes up. Which means it’s in your best interest to take a look at it.

Thoughts come up, like: If I accept their label of irrational, that means there is something wrong with me. And there can’t be something wrong with me. My mantra is: It’s Not OK for people to think I’m not ok…

The stories we tell ourselves have the power to help us release the need to be habitually offended.

I was at an event recently when I came into contact with a self-admitted twitter troll.

The dude walked up to me, and followed up his hello by asking me what the name of my blog, Must Love COWS, was all about, and questioned why there was no theme to what I wrote about.

Being human, and having the life experiences I’ve had, I found his interrogation approach pretty gross. I mean, the reference to Cows instead of Crows was a dose…

Some Lessons On Fear and Staying Present

I’m in the midst of writing a book and it’s proving to be quite the undertaking.

Not that I thought it would be easy. Hell no. I just didn’t realize how overwhelmed I would feel when I started to write it.

The process is providing a powerful lesson in staying present.

All the in-the-future tasks required to make this book a reality have been doing some serious loitering as I search for the right words to fill the pages. Suffice it to say, my mind has been wandering a lot.

What does this teach me? That I need to focus…

Psst: It’s not the same thing as an emotional reaction.

Some Clarity on Freethinking.

There’s something revolutionary I’ve learned over the past couple years, and that is that an emotional reaction is not freethinking.

It’s insanely important for us to understand the need to separate our feelings from our actions. For example, I can say I’m freethinking, while ALSO being racist and void of empathy.

I can speak my mind, and attempt to house my inclination to do so under the umbrella of freethinking while ALSO ignoring the motivations for why I feel the need to speak my mind.

We get angry, annoyed, and frustrated with self-anointed freethinkers.

Case in point, a certain musical…

Truth: co-sleeping with a spouse doesn’t work for everyone

If you’d told me a few years ago that I wouldn’t be sleeping in the same bed as my husband anymore, I’d have panicked and assumed my marriage had fallen apart.

But today I celebrate it because I know it saved our marriage.

My hubby and I shared a bed for years and it proved to be an excellent contempt builder. He’d do flips in lieu of rolling over onto his side. It was the worst.

Andrea Scoretz

Wellness advocate, writer, entrepreneur. Sharing insights from my wellness journey. MustLoveCrows.com

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